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Top 11 Central Air Conditioner
Issues for 2022


Category: Air Conditioning

As long as it is functioning properly, air conditioning is a summers dream. However, issues with air conditioners inevitably arise from time to time. Get ready. Learn about the top 11 central air conditioner issues for 2022, along with detailed remedies.

1. Running the Air Conditioning Unit Nonstop

You've been using your air conditioner a lot this summer, but should it really be on all the time? For the purpose of achieving and maintaining the temperature set by your thermostat, central air conditioning often cycles on and off many times every hour. You can have an issue if the central air is running nonstop.

SOLUTION: Your air filter has to be changed as a first step. (It's always a good idea to give this a shot right away; for optimum air conditioner performance, filters should be changed every 30-90 days.)

If that doesn't help, talk to an expert. The good news: due to recent advances in air conditioning technology, the AC you buy today will be much more energy-efficient than a few years ago.

2. Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

The Freon within your central air conditioner won't evaporate or get depleted because it is a closed system. Theoretically, it might last a lifetime—unless the system experiences a leak, in which case your air conditioner would have to run harder than usual to make up for the lost refrigerant.

SOLUTION: Make contact with a specialist in air conditioning repair.

3. A Leak in the Water Condenser

On occasion, you could see a pool of water beneath the external condenser of your air conditioner. If the water leaks solely when the air conditioner is running, especially on really hot, muggy days, this can be totally typical. On the other hand, a persistent leak or a significant amount of water suggests a problem.

SOLUTION: If your filter is damp or clogged, replace it. Check the temperature outside on warmer days; using an air conditioner in conditions below 16 degrees C may cause frozen coils and water leaks. Make an appointment for a professional tune-up if the issue continues.

4. Loud Noises from the Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners typically produce a certain level of noise. You might hear brief clicks, clunks, squeals, or shudders during startup. A steady low hum and the odd gurgling are typical sounds throughout operation.

However, be wary of unexpected changes in acoustics or loud noises (like grinding or shrieking). They might indicate significant AC issues.

SOLUTION: Change your filter before doing anything else since blocked airflow causes some dramatic sound effects. If strange air conditioner noises are still bothering you, attempt to locate them and identify what kind of noise they are so you can explain them when you call an expert for repair.

5. Bad Smell Coming From the Air Conditioner

For the simple fact that they occasionally don't originate from the AC itself, central air smells can be very misleading. Instead, the HVAC ductwork is circulating odors throughout your house. Examples include the "rotten egg" smell caused by a gas leak or the smell of cigarettes from someone smoking inside.

There are different odors that can result from an air conditioner issue, such as burning, coolant, or exhaust.

SOLUTION: You may quickly eliminate a cigarette odor by smoking outside. However, the majority of other air conditioner odors indicate a serious issue. Turn off the system and call for immediate HVAC repair.

6. Not Cooling Air Conditioning

When your central air is undoubtedly operating (you can hear the motor), but it isn't providing you with a wonderful cold break from the heat, it can be very aggravating. There are several causes for this, ranging from simple solutions to more difficult ones.

SOLUTION: Systematically go through each potential cause one at a time. First, make sure the thermostat is set to COOL rather than just ON. Next, make sure that every window and door in your house is locked and that the vents are open but not covered by any objects like furniture or drapes. After that, if the filter is clogged with dirt, replace it. Finally, clean the exterior condenser unit of debris and, if necessary, lightly wash the fins.

You've already tried all the do-it-yourself solutions. Has the AC stopped cooling yet? It can need mechanical work done, or it might have a refrigerant leak that has to be fixed. Other options include hiring a professional to inspect the ductwork (the ducts may be leaking cooled air) or, in the worst case situation, replacing the air conditioner.

7. Warm Air Blowing From Air Conditioner

It is bothersome and uncomfortable when an air conditioner blows warm air. Warm breezes blowing through your rooms right now are the absolute last thing you want!

SOLUTION: Check to make sure your thermostat is not set to ON or even HEAT as mentioned above. The setting must be COOL. To ensure a sufficient airflow, replace the filter. Examine your condenser's circuit breaker next; if it has tripped, your air handler will continue to operate but will only blow warm air until the breaker has been reset.

Still no luck? Hire an HVAC professional to clean the system and fix any refrigerant leaks.

8. The Air Conditioner Freezes

In the summer, you want your central air conditioning to be comfortable cool—not icy! Often, an air conditioner freezing is not a major issue. But if you ignore it, your AC system might eventually sustain costly harm.

SOLUTION: Replace the air filter. Additionally, increase the temperature by a few degrees, especially before you go for work or before you go to bed at night.

Have an AC repair expert check for a broken fan, clogged drainage, or a refrigerant leak if DIY solutions are ineffective.

9. The Size Of The Air Conditioner Is Incorrect

Unfortunately, your air conditioner might not be the right size for your house. Why does this matter? A system that is too large will cycle too quickly to dehumidify your home correctly while a system that is too small will never get your house cold enough.

What is the cause of this issue? Salespeople for air conditioners who are unable or unwilling to determine the precise size your home requires.

SOLUTION: Before purchasing your new air conditioning unit, make sure to consult with professionals and conduct research. Spend some time making the precise calculations required for a good fit.

10. Circuit Breaker for Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping

Because central air conditioners consume a lot of energy, your electrical system must be capable of handling the load. If your air conditioner frequently trips the circuit breaker, it is drawing a lot more amps than the breaker is designed to handle. As a result, the breaker is tripping to safeguard your house from an electrical overcurrent fire threat.

SOLUTION: DON'T just keep trying to reset the breaker while ignoring the problem. Do your due diligence first by replacing the filter and cleaning the outdoor condenser. The source of this issue, however, is most likely a refrigerant leak or a broken part, such as a motor, compressor, capacitor, or wiring. A skilled AC specialist will be required for repair.

11. Regular Maintenance Is Not Being Done On The Air Conditioner

The ancient adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" definitely applies to your air conditioner. Although routine AC maintenance might cost a few bucks, it ultimately saves you money. Consider the advantages that keeping your air conditioner maintained will bring:

  • Increases energy efficiency, which lowers electricity costs and safeguards the environment.

  • Reduces the likelihood of an expensive and uncomfortable breakdown.

  • Increases air quality and home comfort.

  • Keep your warranty in effect.

  • Prolongs the life of your AC so that you won't need to replace it as frequently.

Why not schedule air conditioner maintenance right away with all those positive factors working in its favor?

We'll fix any issues with your air conditioner.

Do you have a central air conditioning issue? Make a call right away! Our amiable team of professionals is here to provide you with quick, accurate diagnosis and repair.

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