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Should You Be Concerned If Pipes Are Noisy?


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You don't anticipate hearing any sound other than the running water whether you're doing your dishes, taking a shower, doing your laundry, or even just washing your hands. Unfortunately, there may come a point when you start to notice odd noises coming from your pipes. You might be curious about if there should be cause for alarm given that you aren't used to hearing noisy pipes.

We, the experts, know everything you need to know to determine what is happening with pipes that are making noises and what could be causing it.

Are Noisy Pipes a Common Issues?

Pipe noise that occurs sometimes might not be a problem, but noise that is too loud or persistent could indicate a plumbing issue that requires the services of a qualified plumber.

In reality, noisy pipes are frequently a sign that there is a problem with either water flow or water pressure in a house. You are mistaken if you believe that pipe noises can be ignored and that any issues will eventually be resolved. The majority of the time, weird sounds coming from your pipes are a plumbing issue that will only worsen with time rather than a ghost.

Different Pipe Sounds and Their Causes

Here are some of the most typical pipe noises you might hear and their main sources now that you know your pipes should be quiet.

1. Banging

It's not a sign that a ghost is dragging its chains around your house at night and making unusual noises when you hear your water pipes knock. Instead, the issue is much less serious: banging pipes are caused by either trapped air bubbles or a phenomenon called a water hammer, which occurs when a faucet is abruptly shut off.

2. Humming

It's not a ghost playing their favorite song when you hear humming in and around your pipes. Instead, the excessive water pressure inside your home's pipes is what's causing the buzzing. We discover that this is a typical issue in households that rely on wells for their water, and it is especially noticeable while the water is running.

3. Gurgling

Your pipes are having trouble emptying as they should if you hear gurgling, which indicates that there is an obstruction somewhere. Call the drain blockage professionals at Galaxy Plumbing and Services unless you are certain that you understand the issue and can handle it on your own.

4. Rattling

The good news is that there is probably nothing wrong with the pipe itself when it is rattling. Instead, a fastener that has detached from the pipe is what is causing the noise to rattle. The pipe will rattle as water passes through it since it is hanging erratically behind a wall, under a floor, or in your ceiling. In this case, you'll need a plumber to find the pipe and secure it in order to stop the rattling.

5. Whistling and Squealing

It's not your pipes having a party if you hear pipe noises that resemble whistling and squealing. Instead, it most likely signifies that valves next to your dishwasher or washing machine have worn-out washers.

How Can I Get My Pipes to Quiet Down?

You have a few alternatives for quieting down your pipes.

1. Replace Faulty Parts

You can change these components in a faucet or valve if they are the cause of pipe noises, whether they are washers, O-rings, or other elements that need to be replaced.

2. Keep Drains Free of Clogs

Keep your drains clear of obstructions to prevent hearing ghostly buzzing sounds. Repeated clogging necessitates calling a plumber to fix the issue, which is also a fairly simple DIY undertaking.

3. Water Heater Regular Maintenance

Failure to routinely maintain your home's water heater can have an impact on water pressure and flow, as well as exacerbate a hard water issue. These problems might cause pipes to make noise because of obstacles or because the pipes are corroded and rusted.

When to Call a Plumber

It's time to call Galaxy Plumbing and Services for help if you don't believe yourself to be an expert in home repairs or are a skilled do-it-yourselfer who is baffled by why your pipes are making noise.

This is crucial if you've experienced recurring blockages, have noisy pipes inside walls or ceilings, or suspect that your water heater has to be replaced because of its age or because repairs would be too expensive.

Since most repairs associated with pipe noises can be corrected rather easily by an experienced plumber, do not hesitate to contact us to make the necessary repairs.

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